Original Machine Parts

Original Parts:

-All original parts are second hand and used…don’t forget that please.
-All original parts are 100% functional.
-Pictures on this page are used to demonstrate what parts i offer but not necessarely are the parts i have in stock. I will send  pictures of the really offered pieces.
-If you are looking for small parts like bolts ecetera or something that is not displayed you can send an email with picture /photo what you are looking for. Be as specific as you can…please!

(International) shipment costs with Track & Trace :

We ship throughout Europe and further is neccessary and shipment costs depend of article(s) and destinations.

Availablity :

Unfortunately second hand Orignal Parts are hard to find. A lot of these parts are not available anymore and if so only for a short time. Nevertheless feel free to contact me and let you be informed about the availability.