Sale – Original Parts


-All original parts are second hand and used…don’t forget that please.
-All original parts are 100% functional.
-If small parts like bolts etc where missing I try to put back in parts that are most look-a-like to me.
-If to me relevant parts are missing I will mention this in the reply of your mail request.
-Pictures on this page are used to demonstrate what parts i offer but not necessarely are the parts i have in stock.
-If parts are home-made by people it is mentioned in the mail.
-If you are looking for small parts like bolts ecetera or something that is not displayed you can send an email with picture /photo what you are looking for. Be as specific as you can…please!

Shipment / Leadtime :

-As it is sort of a hobby I try to ship it asap but I try to ship 1 times a week…this is not a webshop with 1 day delivery 😉 Have some patience with me.
-I will try to do my utmost best to send it as carefully packed as possible but i cannot be responsible for breaking during shipment.

International shipment costs with Track & Trace (just a few examples…..) :

Examples                                                                                   0 – 2kg         2-5kg            5-10kg        10-20kg

Belgium / Denmark / Germany / Austria / Zweden  :     €10,–            €18,–             €22,–         €30,–

Rest of Europe look here

Parts will be send from The Netherlands

Depending on the parts I might charge some euro’s for wrapping and packing materials.

Availablity / Pricing :

If you want buy original parts you must also buy “other parts” (see pulldown menu for these items).
Depending on the value of the original parts you buy also for a certain amount of “other parts”.

Pricing of “other parts” you can find here

For pricing of original parts please send me the numbers and i will look if they are available at the moment and tell you the price.

Mail: info(at)emcostar.nl